Above:  A beautiful little aquamarine and quartz crystal with an amazing phantom found in the same pocket.   They were found in Pala, Ca.

I have been gem mining in Southern California for several years. I have found many tourmaline pockets digging by hand.  The tourmaline ranges from small pencils to large crystals, with many different colors. 

I have also been involved with mining several large aquamarine and quartz pockets in the Pala district.

Several large quartz crystals and an aquamarine crystal from Pala, CA
Above: Several large aquamarines from Pala, CA  and a large quartz crystal.

I mine in several random locations throughout the West including: variscite and turquoise in Nevada, quartz  in California, high grade lepidolite in southern California, and  agate and jasper in Arizona and Nevada.

Vagabond mining is a gem mining company committed to bringing the beauty and amazement of gems and minerals to the collectors of the world.  I contract through gem mining companies to do a variety of tasks including gem mining, mechanics, mine management, heavy machinery operation, mine development, and consultation and exploration.

I travel to several gem mining areas throughout the U.S. With a focus on the western states  I also sell all types of gems and minerals.  My main focus is AMERICAN gem mining  but I have a variety of gems from all over the world including aquamarine, tourmaline, sunstone, opal, moldavite, variscite, amathyst, quartz, chalcedony, ruby, Sapphire, and much more.

I enjoy doing some faceting and lapidary work.

I have spent a lot of time mining Gem Labradorite in Southern Oregon.  Gem Labradorite also known as Oregon Sunstone comes in many colors including: clear, schiller,  pink , orange, green, red, and  the super rare blue.

Below:  Red, blue, and green Labradorite rough and finished jewelry from the Plush, OR area

Above: A few lbs. of some beautiful lepidolite from southern California.

I have been mining some high grade lepidolite in southern California.  It makes great cabs and carvings.
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